Thank you for visiting my web page. I work full-time a​s a professional biologist, and play full-time as a professional angler on the Bassmaster Southern Open tour. 

Please take a minute to look around at all the resource links and news announcements this site offers.  All my tournament details are posted on MY BLOG link here.


During my tournament events I share what to look for on new lakes and how I fish different species of bass. Check out my blog


Next Event: Bassmaster Southern Open #1 Lake Toho, FL January 15-17, 2015


Read detailed accounts of fishing events and tips I share on successful patterns.


Social media highlights in real-time


Need to find a map or water flow data, look for it here 


Access to the best organizations for anglers. 

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Jeff Holland

Winter Springs, FL
E-mail: jeff@jeffhollandfishing.com



Curious about fishing aquatic plants? Wonder which species produce the best bass habitat and which ones hurt our lakes?  Check it AERF here..

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